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call where executives talked about facebook wendelin popularity with the oh so important demographic, the teenager. apparently teens are tuning out. the fact that has reached maximum capacity in facebook ads. back to where it hit yesterday. just about a percent and a half higher. you can see there is a gain nowhere near the 15% gain initially absorbed in the aftermarket session. á this is a company that went public at 38. we have seen the ads for men's warehouse and with the famous tagline you are going to like the way you look, we guarantee it. shareholders probably the like the way .mac look of a counter offer. boosting the $2.3 billion bid for men's warehouse. can you see these two get together?
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3-for-1, 2-for-16? it has been quite a ride. that was as recently as september 24 as you see shares have made a nice move to the upside. the obama administration leaning on tech industry leaders to get them to help fix the problems with the website. the three names jumping into the fray. lauren: they are jumping literally on wall street on news the administration and the text searches using engineers from the private sector to kind of fix the problems with this is what we know so far. the shares hit a new high today up 1041. the reliability engineer, that is what he is called from google, he will work with a general contractor of this guy can supposedly do everything, he is supposed to be really, really good. the engineer from red hat will be working with cgi to optimize the site.
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so finally we are seeing the administration for medicare and medicaid services. engineers who deal with this stuff every day to fix the problems they are having with that site. liz: lauren, thank you very much. let's get to the floor show. traders are watching the trading action today. let's keep it simple here, where are the floats, what are you seeing? >> if you are turning the screen on right nowitit seems like a pretty quiet day. but we have had a lot of volatility today. economic data moving the market around, what i think will help the interesting is tomorrow. small economic calendar, no real big earnings reports coming out tonight or tomorrow, so we're going to get a test of how strong is this market. can it stand up on its own without economic data or earnings trying to bully at higher? liz: we like lifting. where do you see the list? again, we are in record
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territory. the dow jones transports once again are on a roll. that is what they are on. >> and they are. they will either grind higher. timely in normal rally with the stock market up and the bonds down. that is comforting those behind me. i would also like to say if you like your broker you can keep your broker and if you like your 401(k) plan, you can keep your 401(k) plan. going forward, we're going to continue to get mild to benign economic figures that will give us more comfort that we will continue with qe, and we will see the rate wake up itself and slowly but surely grind lower. as long as that's the case, we will continue to print money and the 2015. it is going to continue with grinding a little bit better. cheryl: where are you getting 2015, scott?
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>> we will start tapering next year and still printing into 2015. we are still trying to borrow five years old. we cannot find it. $85 billion per month and the best we can do is that? we still have a big problem here. growth is the answer. if somebody can tell me where the growth is going to come from, look at the earnings. we don't have growth, growth is the key, that will make us start to taper. liz: okay. that is the thing. we wait for that tapering moment, but looking at the energy complex in its entirety. a little scattered and spotty yesterday with brent moving higher. now as we look today, tell me, what is the message you get from these particular markets at a time when gasoline is falling and you can see that is helpful to the consumers. >> gasoline should make everybody smile over the next couple of months. not look at any kind of price increase whatsoever.
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it has kind of held up better than a lot of us have thought. thought we would be trading down around $90. we rallied from where we were last week. i think it remains cheap until april. liz: oh, okay. i like that. remaining cheap until april and then comes the summer driving season. thank you very much. as you see on the market, looking at the dow jones industrials down just about two points. we have seen green in some of the screens. look, it has been such a great year for stocks, does that continue? coming up, he will be talking to us and giving us his predictions. in the meantime president obama making an all-out push to give more foreign companies to invest here in the united states. he was at an investment summit attended by the top ceos in the likes of blackrock, others. peter barnes is there at the summit in washington, d.c.
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what are you hearing, what is the buzz? peter: that is right, 1200 executives, government officials and officials around the world. here in washington for the select usa foreign investment conference. the president collected select usa as an initiative in the commerce department two years ago to help sell the united states better as the best location in the world for foreign investment. and because the u.s. is one of the industrialized nations that is still actually growing even if it is just at 2% and because of our big energy boom, cheap natural gas the president announced he was expanding select usa to try to attract even more foreign investment and create even more jobs. total net investment in the u.s. totals $3.9 trillion right now including 166 billion invested last year. fun, is employed 4.6 million americans.
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making foreign investment is a core mission of more than 30 u.s. embassies around the world. president obama: we don't always make our case the way that that links our teams overseas to the right senior officials in washington. and we're going to change that. make our advocacy be more efficient, more connected so that businesses making decisions about whether to invest are getting timely answers and know they're going to have all the help that they need. peter: so now commertment offics and state department officials will work together as kind of one team, a single point of contact for foreign companies to get them to invest over here. and top targets for the u.s., the type of companies they want to get, liz, they want to get energy companies from overseas to come here and help us develop all of our gas discoveries and they want manufacturing
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companies that need cheap sources of energy to help make things and make profits. with come back to you. liz: we have profit understanding the business isn't always the answer, right? this is a good sig side to see businesses working, needs to get american businesses up a little bit as well. peter: yeah, and all politicians like to create jobs. liz: or so they say. we would like to see it. the closing bell ringing in 52 minutes. find out why activist investor bill ackman still think herbalife shake's tastes like "crap." charlie gasparino: the story. he will be here in just a moment. and we have another super valuable exclusive you need to
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watch and hear. vice chairman and all around crystal ball watcher. watching more than 200 billion. find out what he thinks about the fence non-taper the more importantly the market is heading. is it to stretch? are there more opportunities? where should you go. and more so, where should you hide from? stay tuned. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals:
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help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. ido more with less with buss energy.hp is help. soon, the world's most intelligent servers, designed by hp, will give ups over twice the performance, using forty percent less energy.
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multiply that across over a thound locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind.
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liz: have you heard of this? shares of the current list of china. this is the craigslist of china. online merchandise. take a look at these shares. today, its public debut on the stock exchange. selling 11 million american depositary shares for $17 each. already at 25. bill ackman, the billionaire hedge fund, little pudgy, little
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sensitive. he lost millions on the shortening of herbalife. but he's not giving up yet. charlie gasparino with the latest. charlie: he's kind of a weird guy. apparently our competition brand x wrote a headline about the fight he had with icahn. he called up and asked for a correction. he is not technically a billionaire. liz: smart, thoughtful, interesting but this trait is bringing him down. charlie: that and i think he is a media in a plater. we went after carl icahn, we put him want to defend himself the head in his defense admitted to manipulating the media. it is not his fault, but you can say the same thing with ackman. we should point out.
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liz: the white house correspondents dinner he says i would come on anytime. liz: it is not his thing, that is a quote, to appear on tv. after all this ridiculous tv, fights on tv, he is now telling us it's not his thing. to appear. that's what he told me. send me an e-mail, direct quote. it sounds absurd, but a lot of things this guy does sounds absurd. ackman does not deny he is lickinleaking story about having information, that was the big headline today. ackman has "new" info on herbalife. this new information will be unveiled in a couple weeks when he gives a speech at the robin hood conference were a lot of investors disclose their new ideas. i think he announced herbalife short he thinks it is a pyramid scam and it will go to zero
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about a year ago at this conference. bill ackman has lost hundreds of millions of dollars. liz: that is what i wanted. >charlie: i think it is 600 million. i don't have it locks down, but this is the biggest bloodbath bill ackman has ever taken. a lot of people say it is a short squeeze inspired by carl icahn. he went long and promoting the stock. we should point out bill ackman can go to to toe with him on the whole leaking promotions stuff, market manipulation. i will say this, for traders that chase headlines and for people out there that are generally our viewers are not just the traders, but long-term investors. don't trade off this news. if you believe th herbalife is a good company-- liz: didn't he say the shakes tasted? charlie: that was me. that was a joke.
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i said bill ackman has new information. think about it, he leaked a headline that he has no information on herbalife. what could it be? by the way, if he really does-- liz: a supply chain issue. speacharlie: if you have new information, bill ackman should be able to put that up and not manipulate the stock. not leak a story where the market moves on alleged new information. for all i know it is a new interpretation of old information or a supplier. who knows. but if you're going to leak this information, after putting out. do we know for a fact he leaked this? no. but i believe, it is my opinion, 99.9% sure he did that.
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how would some of the all spun out he had no information about this stock. i think this is the reprehensible. we don't know what the new information is. liz: somebody puts it out there. charlie: or somebody puts it out. it caps on brand x rate goes unvarnished. it is down like more than 2%. got crushed initially. listen, this is my opinion, i am not saying ill ackman is a sleaze ball, but this is sleazy. come on, you've got to show it. liz: when did you start eating your wife? >charlie i've got new informatin about you. i have new information about liz claman's hair. liz: it is real. no extensions. charlie: but people may not think it is real.
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you have real hair, i know. but suppose i went out and said i have no information about liz claman's hair. new information. people might think negatively of you. liz: the point is bill ackman is always welcomed on this program. charlie: while, it is not his thing. he is a cool guy, it is not his thing. why isn't his his thing? liz: i have seen him on panels. charlie: let me tell you something. this statement it is not his thing is absurd. it is b.s. i can't tell you what i really think. he has been on charlie rose talking about his thing. i like charlie, he is a good friend of mine. but it is a different format. but i am telling you, anybody
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that tells me it is not his thing to be on tv when he is o on-- liz: although lately he has not really come on. everybody, you live by the sword, you die by the sword. charlie: he is not denying the idea he is the one who leaked it. walks like a duck, talks like a duck. liz: i don't know why people get caught up in these egotistical read first maybe didn't start off as that, but other billionaires come in, he said she said, i think bill ackman is an extraordinarily intelligent guy, fascinating to talk to on any subject but they double down just to get got. charlie: you don't think he is manipulating things now? what is new information? liz: 600 million will make you desperate. we will wait to see. i would like to try shakes of
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herbalife. charlie: i drank a protein shake. liz: lets get some herbalife on here at some point. charlie: let's get some. liz: but we will not start selling them to other people. herbalife, ask me how. charlie gasparino. the closing bell ringing in 39 minutes. we asked you who should help the government fix the health care website just on the thought that maybe they would be going to the private sector. and they did. when did we ask that? three days ago, four days ago? guess what, the government listened. wait until you hear who signed up to fix what ails them. and when it comes to the market, there are few who know stocks better than this one. byron wien. he will be joining us in a fox business is talk everything from bubbles to the fed, and what keeps him up at night. [kevin] paul and i have been friends...
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liz: the obama administration hoping top tech experts from google and red hat along with a few others can help the obamacare glitches that are plaguing the health care exchange site. rich edson, we also have oracle on this list. rich: announcing the additions of what they'r they are callings of tech managers and engineers to try and fix google, oracle and red hat are offering experts to assist the government. on loan from google, the administration says he has expertise in diving into any layer of tech stack from the metal to the application code to the people who write it to deliver some of the world's most reliable online services. the white house has now revealed president obama has tried to navigate speak of the president is conversant with technology, fully computer capable and he is
3:27 pm
been briefed periodically on the website both in the run-up to and in the aftermath of the launch date. i don't have specific location to describe to you, but i certainly don't doubt what the vice president said. i'm sure the president has demonstrated to him the site and the processes around logging in and the likes. rich: americans interested in enrolling in an bombe obamacaree not been able to. the systems aren't functioning, and officials say the numbers are unreliable. liz. liz: i say github might have the answer. thank you very much. rich edson. meanwhile, if you were watching fox business yesterday, you will
3:28 pm
be knowing that it has been a roller coaster ride for facebook earnings since they came out after the bell. the company crushed earning estimates, blew away the numbers, it was absolutely wonderful. and then they skyrocketed in the aftermarket session by 15%. but then came crashing back to earth after the company revealed teenagers were fleeing and ad growth was at its limit. let's bring in dennis kneale. what legitimacy is there to this? he wants the key youthful demo. speadennis: 56% sales growth not enough? apparently when you are facebook. popping 15% overnight, wall street likes that earnings report and fold down 3% at one point today, backup 2% now. despite add rivage soaring 66%. mobile racking up 49% of all ad
3:29 pm
sales from 14% or so a year ago. and this despite posting net income of $400 million compared to a loss last year. facebook rattled analysts when it said the number of ads appearing in members new newsfes posted where it is. no more clutter. worrying growth could be stunted and teenagers are leaving facebook to head to twitter and instagram. admitting daily users have fallen in this age group but saying it is hard to quantify because kids lie about their age. first off, instagram now has 700 million users and facebook owns it. plus, video ads have yet to debut. each ad can bring $2 million per day. facebook now has $1.2 billion. topped out, surely these guys
3:30 pm
can figure out a way to sell them something else. liz: they own instagram, what is the problem? every kid i know is instantly putting pictures up on instagram. can't they put that in the same pot? dennis: i have said not yet, not yet. making the wall street guys impatient. but this company is consistently underestimated by wall street pros. the stock down to $16 after it opened up at 38, now it is at a $50 range. liz: dennis and i have a research advantage, our daughters are the same age so we get the scoop from them. dennis: i will not let her near facebook. she is on instagram with a tight list. liz: i stock my daughter's instagram friends just to be sure. thanks, dennis. do you smell that?
3:31 pm
do you smell it? angry del dell users have their claws out complaining of a strong odor coming out of some of the laptops that have just come out. what is that? coming up next. and, blackstone advisory partner vice chair and all-around brilliant investor, he needs no introduction but we will give it to him anyway. he is the expert, you have to see what he sees on the landscape ahead when it comes to investing. a fox business exclusive to see where he sees opportunity. first interview exclusively after the fed's non-decision. what's keeping him up at night? thrusters at 30%! i can't get her to warp.
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♪ ♪ liz: the nasdaq's holding on to a teeny, tiny game but the rest of the indices slipping back into the red. lauren simonetti, sandra smith. lauren, you're watching for aig. >> i am. trading flat as you can see right here at the post, liz, ahead of its earnings we're going to pay attention to the conference call tomorrow morning. the x item earning estimate is 94 cents a share on revenue of $8.63 billion. you've got to think good weather, favorable weather in this hurricane season. we still technically have a month left, hurricane season should work nicely for that company. then we're looking at first solar, stock's down coming into earnings a little bit. 99 cents a share, revenue of
3:37 pm
$988.6 million. new subsidies in china and some other emerging markets helping this company. of course, it's a critical gauge of where the entire sector is headed. and finally, gold under pressure lately as is newmont mining. this is a that's down 41% this year, and it's down more than 2% heading into its earnings. the eps, 32 cents a share on revenue of $2 billion. liz, back to you. liz: okay, thank youment how compelling watching lauren down on the floor and same with sandra. different focus here, right, sandra? >> gold and silver, precious metals plunging after the fed's statement yesterday. of course, there's growing speculation in the investment community, liz, that fed tapering is back on the table and may even happen by the end of the year. that was according to citigroup and barclays analysts today, making that prediction led to a rally in the u.s. dollar and a big selloff in gold and silver. silver seeing its worst
3:38 pm
single-day loss in almost a month. gold, its worst single-day loss in nearly three weeks. silver prices down 4% on the session, were one of the worst performing commodities on the cme. and by the way, for those keeping track, prices down 27% so far in this year, performing second worst only to corn which is down 39%. and gold didn't perform as bad as silver, but gold still down significantly on the session, down $25 at 1324 a troy ounce. so the yellow metal also plunging with expectations that the fed may taper by the end of the year. so all those bets, les, were back -- liz, were back on the table today. liz: but i know you heard scott saying, oh, not until 2015. where'd you get that? he may be right. listen, thanks to both of you, lauren and sandra. the markets having difficulty today finding direction after the fed decided yesterday not to begin tapering.
3:39 pm
but, again, the news is that they have left december on the table as a possible start date to paring back those bond-buying purchases. our next guest says the markets are in a difficult spot right now, but there's still plenty of opportunity. he's byron wean, it's a fox business exclusive. i first have to ask you about that gold move, down $24. gold is not moving how you would expect it to. did anyone anticipate? >> well, i don't know, i couldn't. i would never have expected it to have a selloff this sharp this year. i thought that with the fed easing, the dollar weak, gold would be doing better because people would want to hold something real as opposed to financials assets, especially in the face of the debasing of the currency. liz: it's better to share the year to date or the year-over-year. it has had a beautiful ten-year bull run, but you would have
3:40 pm
expected we'd be at 1900 by the end of the year. we ever going to see that? >> i don't know. doesn't look good. not by the end of this year. liz: tell me about other predictions, you have an s&p target of 1750. that's below where we are right now. >> yeah, i don't think the market's going to do much. it's been struggling. i think it's fairly valued. i think it'll go higher ultimately, but i don't think it's going to make a bunch of progress between now and year end. i think third quarter earnings have been disappointing generally, third quarter revenues have definitely been disappointing. so my view is we're not going to make much progress here. liz: when you hear talking heads -- not yours -- on the air talking bubble talk, there's a bond bubble, an equity bubble, what do you think? what goes through your mind? and i say, no, because we still have a lot of fence sitters and bench warlers out there -- warmers out there. >> that's absolutely right. also the market is not
3:41 pm
overvalued. market traditionally sells at 15 times earnings -- liz: and we are at -- >> which is for next year is 15, so we're right there. liz: what do can you like? we promised people that you would come on and tell where the opportunity is. >> well, i hi there's still opportunity -- i think there's still opportunity in equities. i don't think there's opportunity in treasuries. i think the yields are going up. liz: you hear that, everybody? no opportunity in treasuries right now. >> i'm recommending that people own no treasuries. liz: none. >> yeah. i know it's anti-american, i guess. but i think there is opportunity in the equity market. i would look at the big growth areas. i think, i've done well this year and will continue to do well in pharmaceuticals and technology. not every stock, but generally in those two sectors. liz: the premium clients over blackstone, as they say in france, you know -- [speaking french] the friend of the company. what advice do you give them?
3:42 pm
we're asking you to do that for free here. [laughter] >> well, you know, we're basically an alternative investment manager. you know, we don't manage money -- liz: that's okay. we love outside the box. >> you know, we have private equity funds, real estate funds, we have a fund of hedge funds, we have credit funds. those are the areas. we've done well in all of them, but we've done particularly well in real estate, and i think there's still opportunities in real estate. liz: can i ask you to drill down? is it commercial real estate? is it -- >> we're spending a lot of time now in residential. we bought 30,000 homes mostly out of foreclosure -- liz: which states? >> mostly in the sun belt. you know, starting california and working our way east. they're homes that we need to fix up, because nobody's lived in them since construction was completed. but we can fix them up and rent them, we've been renting them at a good rate, and we didn't
3:43 pm
expect to sell them so quickly, but we're selling some now. liz: 30,000 homes. that's amazing. well, there you are. the investment part of it where you run in when everybody's running out, does detroit interest you at all? there are some dilapidated homes. you saw the "60 minutes" piece in detroit. there could be real opportunity there at some point. >> we're not doing anything there that i know of. we're mostly doing it in states where people are migrating, not where people are leaving. liz: what investments do you avoid right mow? >> well, i told you about treasuries, and i think things that are tied to interest rates like utilities, telecommunication. those areas, i think, are less attractive. liz: why? because they have some -- >> because i think rates are going up. i think the ten-year treasury usually tracks the nominal growth rate of the u.s. economy. it's 2% real and 1.5-2% inflation. so i think the ten-year treasury
3:44 pm
yield is heading up. and i think if you hold treasuries or utilities or telecommunications stocks, you know, you're going to be affected negatively by the rise in yields. liz: from an investment stand point, what keeps you up at night lately? >> what keeps me up at night lately is a nonrecurring event, so-called gray rhino, you know? something that's very dangerous but hard to see in the bush. so it could be another terrorist attack, it could be the, some serious pollution problems in china, it could be iran deciding they're not going to negotiate on their nuclear program or syria not turning over all of its chemical weapons. but all those things seem to be going well now. so the background factors seem to be favorable. liz: let me bring it back to the federal reserve. when they do decide to begin tapering, will it unravel these
3:45 pm
markets? >> well, yeah, you got a good glimpse of it in may when bernanke just hinted that he might do some tapering. why are they going to taper? because in 2008 when the federal reserve balance sheet was only $1 trillion, treasury securities were less than 10% of it. now the fed balance sheet is $3.5 trillion, and treasury securities are 25% of it. so bernanke was guilty about how many treasuries he owned, and he wanted to sell some. but he saw what turbulence it created in the equity market and in the mortgage market, and he backed away from it. liz: does that mean we can never get out of this? >> well, we can get out of it when the economy builds some momentum of its open. but the economy isn't doing that yet. so i recommended during all this year that the fed not taper, because the economy couldn't take it. and that's still where the economy is. if the economy picks up in 2014, the fed can start to taper.
3:46 pm
but there are no signs of that yet. liz: maybe scott down at the cme is right, he was saying 2015. byron, lovely to have you. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. liz: please come back. >> okay. liz: byron wien. closing bell ringing in 14 minutes. a black cat of sorts crossing dell's path on this halloween. you won't believe the smell that is reportedly coming from laptops. we'll tell you next. ♪ ♪ when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we n all produce energy more safely.
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liz: it's not the cat in the hat, bue cat in the lap. top. apparently, this has created quite a stink with dell computer owners. we all love our feline friends, right? but we don't want to be reminded
3:51 pm
of them when we're using our laptops. the guardian newspaper reporting some dell users have been holding their noses over one laptop that has the scent of something very up pleasant. unpleasant. cat urine. not surprisingingly, dell has been in full damage control over this, so it's real apparently. it was narrowed down to an issue this the manufacturing process. it has now been resolved. dell saying it will exchange any machine that has the offensive odor. let's move on to a different high-tech problem, the government's health care exchange. why they didn't go to the private sector, the smartest in the world, silicon valley, we don't know. finally, somebody woke up. tech giant google has been called up to help fix the troubled federal intelligence web site along with oracle and red hat. can google and company work its magic to tackle all the glitches, and what does this mean for the company's street
3:52 pm
cred? should pump it up, right? we bring in rbc capital markets managing director and research analyst. i don't know why they didn't go to the gang at google in the first place, mark, but now they have. what does this do for google's image? well, let's see, google is known for being pretty tightly tied to the government. the you look at some of the accusations about google and the nsa -- that's kind of a joke. google is obviously known as one of the leading technology providers out there. it's interesting, there was a recent government contract awarded to that second biggest internet company, amazon, so there are parts of the government that are looking to u.s. internet companies for innovation and services. this is just another example of that. this should help google's street cred. liz: it should, especially if it works, that's the thing. it's got to work, whatever they do. and oracle as well as red hat. i'm just wondering if at this point it's fixable, or does google have to start all over again, and this may be a really dumb question, but is google
3:53 pm
getting paid, or are they doing this out of the goodness of their heart? >> well, that's to be determined. look, if you're talking about projects at massive scale, which this sounds like one, there are very few companies that are running, that have got the competencies to run databases, applications, project at scale like google does. i mean, there's a few other companies, but google would be a handful of companies you would list from the beginning. so whether they would need to start from scratch or not, that depends. if you're looking for private sector solutions, hard to think why you wouldn't have started with google. liz: i can't remember the last time google went down. when you have billions of people jumping on and they can handle it, why the government wouldn't have gone to a google or, frankly, a microsoft, bing is in the same position. they could have figured this out. so that's good for google. i need to quickly get you on facebook, stocks skyrocketed yesterday but then the conference call came. were you on that call? >> yes.
3:54 pm
liz: was it zuckerberg who made the comments about teenager is and the ad situation? >> well, it was the cfo. this is interesting, i've been covering internet stocks for the last 15 years, this is the most unusual trading activity i've seen around the print. stock up 15%, down 4%, today up 20% here. it's a really interesting debate on that call. two things: teenage user engagement is starting to show signs of falling and secondly, oh, ad loads are being capped at where they are now. on the first issue, we've done a lot of survey work. i don't think there's any question of that there's risk of disengagement by younger people. it's very hard to be cool all the time, and especially with teenagers. that said, the massive amount of usage that's going on at facebook, and it continues to grow, and there's don'ting rise in en-- continuing rise in engagement among all users, i doubt this is an achilles heel problem for facebook. and on the ad loads, they should be able to maintain or expand
3:55 pm
that going forwards. they're very good at just getting the right user experience. that's what they're going to skew towards. liz: your call on the stock today this. >> we like facebooks. it's one of the top picks in the space, $60 is where we think the shares can go to. liz: this didn't change your opinion. thank you so much for getting on horn with us, we appreciate it. >> thanks, liz. liz: closing bell ringing in five minutes. we will be right back with a jam packed "after the bell" show. don't move, look at these markets.
3:56 pm
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3:59 pm
after-market session where the stock jumped 15% and dropped down where it closed. >> fascinating stuff. liz: let's go to lauren simonetti on the floor of the new york stock exchange. you see a 1% gain on facebook after the third quarter earnings after the bell, but you heard mark mahaney sticking with the company of the he has a $60 price target. >> fast r facebook looks like a strong stock. it closes at $50 a share. down from the high hit earlier in october. you know, this is a remarkable stock story. i saw the stock up 18% after they report ad big earnings beat yesterday. and then it was down 5% at one point in morning. it. so it is finishing in the green which is good news. a lot of concern about younger teens pulling back. david: no doubt about expedia in the green, way in the green. up 20% at one point. good earnings, right? what a winner. good earnings. broker after broker upgrading price targets on the stock.
4:00 pm
bank of america merrill lynch upgrading them entirely. what a winner today. [closing bell ringing] liz: the gang at viacom are at the nasdaq. we have telecom indonesia at the new york stock exchange ringing in the bell and numbers down as we see. stocks finishing up with the dow jones industrials losing about 61 points here. in the blink of an eye went from down 50 to down 61 right now. s&p 500 down six points. nasdaq down by 10. could not hold to the gains which were small but still green. russell down half a percent. david: pourfor much of the day basically flat-lining. couldn't figure out whether it would be green or red but toward the end of the day it was deaf move to the downside. time for the front page headlines. jobless claims fell to 340,000. backlog of claims from california, remember that, distorted previous reports finally worked its way through the data, liz. liz: key gauge in the manufacturing active in the chicago area,

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